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Supporting Solidarity with Spring Vibes in Sarmeola

Aggiornamento: 5 apr 2023

Our resident photographer DJ recounts a day of snapshots and fun all in the name of charity

It was the perfect day for getting in some shots of the event for raising awareness against gender-based violence held at Roccia Rubano Rugby Club in Sarmeola.

I was with my fellow Scambio members, Ila, Clara, Giovanni and Danmeng, who not

only came to support the event, but later joined in the fun as well.

We were warmly greeted by Davide Ruma Scaini, who, together with Rovinassi Old Rugby Team, was responsible for creating and organising the event. He introduced us to several

of the teams and showed us around the well-facilitated rugby club.

While the girls were off to play some friendly matches, I went ahead to scout the place for some noteworthy pictures. The first thing that caught my eye, which was not hard to miss, where the tiny toddlers dressed in bright red at the far corner of the field. They couldn't have been more than 4 years old and their laughter travelled all the way to where I was standing.

As they were having their first lesson of touch rugby, their parents could be seen on the side line, Spritz in hand and amused expressions on their faces.

The field next to the little ones, Torelli Sudati Touch played against the Roccia Rugby Junior team. Their love for the game could be clearly seen as they played tirelessly and with utmost determination to win against their opponent. One curious player came up to me for a chat and proudly showed off the logo of his team.

After a few snaps and a wave, I turned my attention to Clara, who just scored an excellent try against Rovinassi Old Rugby team.

After having made some more action shots of the third and final field with Ta-konai and San Precario Touch Rugby, my stomach started to rumble. Off I went to the food stand where they made grilled sandwiches and, of course, pasta for lunch.

At the bar therewere plenty of drinks to choose from and there was even a stall where you could buy merchandise, all in support of the event.

At 12.30 the final whistle was blown and it was time for the group shot. When everyone gathered on the field, only then could one understand the amount of people that came out to be part of this special occasion.

The diversity of people was great, ranging from young to old, from participants to

observers, from veterans to beginners, and from organisers to the assisting team.

However, the most important aspect was how inclusive it was: everyone treated each other with love and respect, regardless of gender, which to me, was exactly the entire point of this event.

Not just with words, but through example and action, are we able to fight against injustice.

All in all, it was a great success, where people paused what ever they had going on in their lives to spend a few hours together. I look forward spending many more sunny

afternoons, admiring, shooting, and supporting these unique events.

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