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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
(Helen Keller)

Scambio Values

Scambio di Lingue is a well-established group in the city of Padova. Our team is active and dynamic, ever transforming and constantly evolving. With the passing of time, we have developed and assimilated a set of values and principles which define us and set us apart.

We play Touch Rugby, a sport that is still growing and not all that well known around these parts. We encourage the growth of Touch and subscribe to the idea that it can flourish as a self-determining discipline to sit alongside - yet separate to - that of traditional contact rugby.

Touch is a relatively simple and enjoyable sport to play, with low participation costs. By definition, it is a sport which promotes inclusion and integrity. In an era increasingly defined by exclusion and elitism, we believe that sport should encompass more rudimentary and authentic values, such as inclusion and personal development through team endeavour.

We promote, therefore, the idea of a sport which embraces fairness, unity and competition, one which favours the overcoming of individual limitations through collective physical engagement. We believe that anyone, with enough determination and practice, can participate and learn a new sport.

We strive to break down barriers, overcome prejudice and show that with enough tenacity, literally anyone can just do it. We do not impose any age limits, nor do we differentiate on the basis of gender, physical constitution or experience in other sports.

The only requests we make are that new players accept the physical challenge, commit to the regularity of training sessions, and get involved in the game.

We are a multi-cultural team, and our players come from all corners of the world. Our delicate balance and indeed our unique advantage are both underpinned by the intersection and coexistence of different cultures and identities. It is a vibrant, stimulating existence, bounded intrinsically to the common ground that we share.

Our group was in fact born from a cultural meet-up between Italians and non-Italians.  We use English – closely followed by Italian – as our language of instruction, but all accents are welcome.  We are a mixed team, whereby both male and female players are in a privileged position to be able to play together and compete as one. We contest any form of discrimination or prejudice, whether cultural,gender-related or otherwise.

Courtesy and respect are at all times key cornerstones for us, regardless of the setting.

Over the years, we have been both architect and witness to the bonds of friendship forged on the field and
maintained off it, with exactly the same set of principles incumbent throughout.





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