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Scambio For The Local Community

Aggiornamento: 30 dic 2022

Socialising with Touch Rugby

Scambio is not just a successful Touch Rugby team. If we look at its origins, it developed from a Language Exchange community, and a community it remains to this day. Proof is the social life of its members, who mingle in the daily life of Padua not just for the nights out, but to help and support each other in the small things of daily life; and what about the member who moved abroad, but still return to visit from time to time, because as they say “they left here a part of their family”?!

With such a sense of bond and connection, it is only reasonable that Scambio is sensitive towards the local community as well. This led to the team recently being involved with the little local parish of San Lorenzo da Brindisi, in the Arcella area of Padova.

When this summer -after 2 years of inactivity due to the pandemic- the parishes were finally able to set in motion their famous “Sagre” (a local carnival and food fair organised and run by local volunteers), Scambio was asked to contribute by organising a sport event open to the local community!

That’s when, still weary from the national championship finals and with muscles still aching, the very next day we gathered at San Lorenzo’s pitch, to lead an open day of Touch Rugby games culminating in a massive tableful rich of traditional dishes.

Turnout exceeded expectations, with participants approaching from different clubs of various sports from all over the city and beyond, as well as local residents of the neighbourhood, all eager to mingle in the pitch under F.I.T. (Italian Touch Federation) rules.

Four teams mixed in background, gender and experience were created on the spot, and a whole small tournament spontaneously took place in the late afternoon of Sunday 26/06! Such is the potential of camaraderie, and a clear example of Scambio’s resourcefulness.

The physical struggle of the previous day had not been enough to wear out the team, which participated in all 6 matches played in the most cheerful atmosphere, before the event was wrapped up and the tablecloth laid down.

There was tasty food and wine in abundance, and it was great to share it all with old friends and new acquaintances. All this with the community of a city which we are proud to call home.

We are honoured to have been asked to host such a simple but beautiful day, we thank the team of volunteers of the parish who made it all possible, and we of course look forward to the autumn, to the San Lorenzo Beer Festival and its delicious burgers, hoping to see you all on the pitch on that occasion as well..!

Scambio and the local community for #europeansolidarity at San Lorenzo

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