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From Smoker to Scorer: My Scambio Journey.

On my quest to break free from the mundane routine of work and meet new people, I stumbled upon a community that would change my life - Scambio.

It all began at a meetup they organized the day after Halloween in 2023. Little did I know that this encounter would lead me to a new passion, a healthier lifestyle, and a tight-knit community.

For those unfamiliar with Scambio, the friendliness and open-mindedness of everyone in the team might come as a surprise.

The day I attended their meetup, I had an absolute blast, and the positive vibes didn't stop there. I was invited to speak with the coaches, and soon enough, I found myself trying out for the team.

A couple of training sessions later and the invitation to join the team came.

Without hesitation, my response was a resounding "hell yeah."

The love for the game and the anticipation of training sessions fueled my commitment to giving my all and becoming a valuable member of the Scambio team.

A smoker for a decade, I had always wanted to quit but lacked the motivation. Enter touch rugby.

The thrill of the game became my newfound motivation to kick the smoking habit.

During a grueling training session, my lack of stamina became apparent, and it took a simple shout from the coach - “Quit the smoking, man! It’s killing you” - to wake up and realize that smoking was hindering my performance.

That was the push I needed, and from that day forward, I quit smoking and never looked back.

Fast forward two months, and it was time for my first tournament.

With minimal experience and a few training sessions under my belt, I faced the challenge with determination.

As I got to the pitch, however, I realized that I’d left my shorts at home.

Luckily my apartment was close enough for me to go and get them in time. Add a borrowed jersey with the number 18 and I had the uniform for the rollercoaster of emotions as I prepared for the games.

As the tournament unfolded, I faced challenges on the field. I was making mistakes during the first game. And I was struggling to find my rhythm. I was leaving my position on the attack and not doing enough on the defense. “Stay wide!” everyone kept saying. Even one of the refs told me to stay wide while she ran past me at some point.

The second game was better. I started to listen to the advice of my teammates and coaches. I stayed wide on the attack. I even got a few touches on the defense. Accompanied, of course, with much praise and encouragement from everyone.

The pivotal moment came in the third game when the instruction was to "be loud."

Shout and call so the others know you’re there. Make yourself an option and support.

So, I did just that. I went wide. I kept shouting. At one point I shouted, and the ball was passed to me. I almost didn’t catch it. But catch it I did. And ran and…SCORED!

I did it. I got my first try and score. I paused there for a second because I couldn’t believe it.  But seconds later I could hear the cheers from everyone on the pitch and in the box.

I thought to myself “I did it! I can’t believe that just happened”.

And not only did I score on my first try on my first tournament. It was also the winning point for the match.

Ending the day with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 wins, the victories on the pitch were only part of the story. Chats over tea between games and the camaraderie shared over beer and pasta after the tournament highlighted the community aspect of Scambio.

Touch rugby with Scambio wasn't just a game; it had become a lifestyle.

My journey from a casual meetup to a tournament victory with Scambio marked a transformative period in my life. Beyond the game itself, the community, support, and camaraderie made touch rugby with Scambio an enriching and fulfilling experience.

As I continue to improve my skills and embrace this newfound lifestyle, I look forward to many more exciting moments with the Scambio family.

Touch rugby Padova
A day to remember for a Scambio newbie

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