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A Scambio newbie experience - through Swedish eyes!

Aggiornamento: 20 mar 2023


I had only been to 8-10 trainings when the coach asked me to sign up for a tournament. I responded with a mixture of shock and fear.

“Me?! Playing a tournament? I will embarrass the whole team!”

A Swedish star is born
Pre-match bag of nerves

The day of the tournament I was nervous. I was definitely the freshest newbie of the team… I had no idea what to expect.

I still didn't understand most of the rules and I had most of the setups and positions mixed up.

This is me, currently doing my master in neuroscience, At trainings when I can’t make sense of all the rules, I often think "Damn, this is harder than neuroscience!”

At the tournament, I got things wrong at times and that led to some frustration. I wanted to be as good as the other players, immediately!

But to my surprise I also got a lot of things right. I actually knew more than I thought.

Ian had told me that I would learn more in one day playing in a tournament than in a whole semester of training, and that is hw it turned out.

I am so grateful for having had the opportubìnity to play in a tournament, even though I am very new and unexperienced.

It was so much fun and I learned a lot! My team-mates, especially, made sure my first tournament ended up being a beautiful experience. I could not ask for a better team, so cheering, so supportive, helping me all the shile to feel grounded.

All the organizers have helped to create a very beautiful team. I also appreciate the team leader and other ambitious people that makes the team so well organised.

I have never met a team that is so encouraging and welcoming. I am impressed.

Now after the match, I am even more motivated to go to trainings.

I go to trainings not only to train but also to meet the fantastic, diverse people that have by now become my little Italian family here in Padova.

I only wish I knew about the Scambio and met everyone much earlier. Not only is it empowering, but being part of a team is also extremely motivating.

Moreover, I really like being surrounded with the variety of personalities and nationalities that the team offers.

It is also great to improve my Italian. Being yelled at on the filed in Italian has its advantages 😉

I am so blessed to be part of the Scambio team!

First Touch for Jessica

All smiles post tournament

Best team in the world

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